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Re: Stainless Steel Bolts

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The allowable shear and tension values are based on the tensile strength of
the material.  ASTM A193 includes 316 stainless bolting material.  The
tensile strength is dependent on the heat treatment received by the
material.  All material ordered to ASTM A193 receives heat treatment.  316
stainless that receives heat treatment only [class 1 and 1A] has a minimum
tensile strength of 75 ksi.  316 material that receives heat treatment and
strain hardening has a minimum tensile strength of 110 ksi [class 2], 95 ksi
[class 2B, and 85 ksi [class 2C].  Bolts that have a tensile strength of 75
ksi, ordered to ASTM A193, will be marked B8M, B8MA or B8D.

If you use the AISC ASD procedure, the allowable tension is 0.33FuA, the
allowable shear is 0.17FuA, where A is based on the nominal bolt diameter
[Table 2, page 5-118].  If you use the LRFD  the design strength for tension
is 0.75 x 0.75 x Fu, the design strength for shear is 0.75 x 0.4 x Fu
[threads not excluded] [Table 2, page 16.1-142], using nominal bolt
diameter.  If you want to use design criteria written specifically for
stainless steel, it seems you have to go to the Euro-manual, Design Manual
for Structural Stainless Steel, available from the Nickel Development
Institute [phone 416-591-7999, in Toronto], in which the design tensile
capacity is 0.9 x Fu x A / 1.25. using net tensile area.

Thanks for asking.  I'm just learning this stainless stuff, and it helps to
have opportunity to explain what I'm learning to someone.  I will be basing
my design on Fu = 75 ksi.


Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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