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PEMB document/review

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As a structural engineer with no PEMB experience, I found this document to
be very helpful.  Thank you very much for posting it.

One chapter you could add is a general overview of the entire design and
purchasing process.  Does the owner specify and purchase a PEMB before the
foundation design is started?  How is the project usually put out to bid?
My company has been asked to design only the foundation for a PEMB project
and I am looking for some background on what the usual breakdown of
responsibility is.

It seems to me that the owner's engineer will be the engineer of record for
the overall project, with responsibility for layout of the structure, proper
specification of the PEMB, design of the foundation, and design of those
portions of the structure which will not be provided by the PEMB supplier
(mezzanines, cranes structures, canopies, CMU walls).  Is it true that the
PEMB is treated in a similar fashion to steel joists, in the sense that the
engineer of record specifies what is needed but assumes no liability or
responsibility for the structural design of the product?

I am afraid that the owner is asking us to only design the foundation, but
in actuality they need additional services from us (doing overall building
layout, preparing PEMB specs, designing non-PEMB elements above grade).

I'm sure most of this information is available in the references you
recommend, and I will try to obtain a copy.

Any input in the meantime would be appreciated.

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