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Re: Stainless Steel Bolts

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>ASTM A193 includes 316 stainless bolting material.  The
>tensile strength is dependent on the heat treatment received by the
>material.  All material ordered to ASTM A193 receives heat treatment.  316
>stainless that receives heat treatment only [class 1 and 1A] has a minimum
>tensile strength of 75 ksi.
For cultural value, the heat treatment of austenitic (300 series) 
stainless fasteners is a solution anneal and quench (sometimes) for 
corrosion resistance, not increased strength. The only way to increase 
strength is with strain hardening. Note that A-193 covers a dozen or so 
different grades and classes including some ferritic stainless fasteners, 
too. Get hold of the spec and read it over before you specify for design 
so you'll get it right. 

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