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>I do not know the intended future of the blue book with the passing
>of the UBC and the changes in the code process.  I would be interested
>to hear from anyone more involved in the current organization if they
>would share their views on whether the blue book will continue to be
>published and the direction the publication may take.
With the nationalization of seismic design requirements, the development and promulgation of seismic design provisions is no longer parochial. The efforts that used to go into creation of the SEAOC Blue Book and UBC requirements now are directed toward the NEHRP Recommended Provisions and the AISC Seismic Provisions. The AISC Seismic Provisions are then referenced in the IBC and NFPA model building codes. It is a similar tale for materials other than steel.
>... the blue book being a "must read" for anyone who is involved in
>seismic design.  The blue book provisions and commentary have
>traditionally been a state of the art discourse on seismic design.
>Many of the leading concepts and methodologies (base isolation,
>passive energy dissipation, performance based design....) are
>discussed in detail and developed in subsequent editions long
>before adoption or publication in the model codes. 
Very true. Now, though, the NEHRP Provisions will serve as the pre-standard where concepts and methodologies are developed and the AISC Seismic Provisions will be the standard that brings it forward into the model building codes. Again, it's a similar tale for materials other than steel.