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Requirement for control joints in elevated slabs.

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I have experienced such cracks due to shrinkage.  They typically occur at
plan features that create a weakened plan (corners, changes in width, etc.)
Cracks can also occur over stiff beams and girders in relation to joists.
Rather than using control joints, we typically limit the pour size in SF and
max dimension.

Wayne Beckingham, P.E.

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>Subject: Requirement for control joints in elevated slabs
>Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 10:52:00 -0500
>I think that this may have been discussed before but I'll ask again.
>Are control joints required for elevated slabs?
>I have a structure with a 5" slab on 9/16" steel form deck on bar joists at
>2'-0" to 2'-6" spacing.  The contractor tells me that there is "substantial
>shrinkage cracking and curling at the cracks".  I do not know the crack
>widths.  Is it customary to cut control joints for such slab construction?
>Warren S. Foy, P.E.
>Structural Design Manager
>The Mason & Hanger Group Inc.

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