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Re: Safety factors in Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

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I am not fully familiar with current design values for rod bracing used by PEMB companies.  It seems the few I ever checked by hand years ago met the code requirements that I knew of at the time.  After I verified the charted loads the company used that I worked for, I never checked them again.  Since then, values may have changed or local codes may have become more stringent.  

For most buildings, using an assumed 2500 psi rather than 3000 psi will most likely not increase the baseplate size at all.  Most of them have very light column gravity loads.  The main exception would be mezzanines and crane columns. A 100' clear span metal building with 30' bays would only have a column load of about 37.5 kips.  That same column would have about an 8"x12" baseplate.  This is figuring a 20 psf roof snow load.  In areas of higher roof snow load, the reaction would be larger.  It would be easy enough to require the use of 2500 psi in your specifications.

Ron Martin 
Tuscaloosa, AL

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