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RE: LA Region Uniform Code Program

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Title: RE: LA Region Uniform Code Program


        There is a 2001 edition of the California Building Code that is available from ICBO.  If it is not shown on their web-site you should call them to order it.  My copy was ordered from them.  

        There also is a 2002 edition of the LA County Building Code.  It is the 2001 CBC with LA County amendments.  This code is applicble to all unincorporated areas and incorporated cities that have adopted it.  I don't think the printed version of this (for inserting into the 2001 CBC) is available now, but should be soon from ICBO.

        Other  cities in LA Co. have adopted the 2001 CBC with local amendments.  It sounds like you are asking about a city that fits this category and the local adopted amendments are the recommended amendments from the LA Regional Uniform Code Program (LARUCP).  It seems these should be available through the LA Basin ICBO web-site using the link to LARUCP, but I don't see it either.  These (LARUCP) amendments are not the same as those found in the LACO Code.

        The local juridiction you are envolved in should have a copy of what they have adopted.  Their Building Official should be able to obtain these.  Hope this helps.  Steve Widmayer, PE

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Subject: LA Region Uniform Code Program

I am doing a project in one of the municipalities in LA County that has
adopted the California Building Code with local amendments per the LA Region
Uniform Code Program. I have looked at the following ICBO link for this
program and also the LA County Building Code to try to figure out just what
amendments have been adopted and if the 1998 CBC is still the prevailing
code (1997 UBC). A Building Official told me they had adopted the "2001 CBC"
but I didn't know there was one. ICBO's on-line bookstore didn't show
anything more recent than the 1998 CBC for sale.

1. Can somebody tell me if there is a later version of the California
Building Code than 1998?

2. Are the amendments to the CBC that have been adopted as part of the
Uniform Code Program in LA County available for download anywhere? The ICBO
links just seem to deal with forms and code interpretations, not the
amendments themselves.

3. Is the LA County Building Code identical to the Building Codes adopted by
municipalities within the County as part of the LARUCP program?

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