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For Charlie Carter et al

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What is the best way to design/analyze the following horizontal bracing connection?

I have a horizontal plate framing normally (welded) into the web of a W30x90 somewhere between the neutral axis and the top flange.  The brace (L3 1/2x3 1/2x 1/4) is bolted onto the underside of the plate and runs at an angle to the W30 web and is flat (no pitch).  The beam frames into the flange of a column with the brace work point 6 in. from column center line.

The force in the brace will be transmitted through the gusset plate and will induce a shear load and torsional load into the web of the W30.  What kind of design/analysis is required to ensure the web does not rotate or yield?  What kind of connection is suggested in lieu of a simple, welded plate?  Thanks all.

Rob Hale

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