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Re: Looking for a good Shearwall/Diaphragm Analysis Reference

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Try contacting the CMACN (Conc. Masonry Assoc of CA & NV) at or by phone at (916) 722-1700.  Ask for the "1997 Desihgn of Reinforced Masonry Structures" (650= pages) which has excellent, but long examples of shear wall rigidities, and rigid and flex. diaphragm distribution.  Also, ask for "Seismic Design of Masonry Using the 1997 UBC" (about 100 pages) which has examples fo each.  even if you don't need it for the PE exam, it still a great reference to have.

Start studying.  Good Luck.

David Topete (PE in Walnut Creek, CA)

 Nicole Stoudt <NSTOUDT(--nospam--at)> wrote:

I am new to the list and I am getting ready to take the PE exam.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a really good book that had sample problems of how to distribute shear, find center of rigidity, etc on various shear wall layouts. It seems I have always had easy ones when I had to design them. The sample PE exam has harder examples and I find that I have trouble with more complicated layouts.

Our firm mostly designs steel framed buildings also, so I am weak in the concrete and masonry shear wall areas.

So if you have a great reference that you think would help me, I'd really appreciate it!


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