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Use Staad to Model Buildings with Shear Walls

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I am a new user on the STAAD.  The Staad's users group are not
as focus on buildings as our list.  So I am posting this question
here for your helps.

I want to model a rectangular auditorium with shear walls, roof
and floor diaphragms.  So far I have get the four side walls together.
However, not all the intersections of plans share the same grid point.

Question 1:
Is it possible to common to nodal points that have the exact same
coordinate into one? Must I change the points one by one?

Question 2:
Are there ways to temporary disable some of the outer panels for
the ease of  adding (checking) the interior beams, columns, and slabs?

You can access <download> my Staad file "N201.std" from . For some strange reasons,
the graphic image can't be seen.

Thanks for you helps.

Sam Chang

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