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Testing for Anchor Bolt Embedment

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Thomas Hunt wrote:


>If the length testing falls through I will

>perform a couple of pull tests.  I think I can get to some of the outside

>bolts.  The inside bolts are just under the elevated base frame.  As you

>say, who cares what type of bolt it is or how long it is as long as we can

>get the load out of it that we need per our calculations (along with a

>healthy factor of safety).



I haven’t done many pull tests, but the few I’ve witnessed were on bare bolts.  With equipment, I’m envisioning “feet” including a flat bearing plate with the anchor bolt through it.  If the equipment feet are still in place, won’t this affect the results of the test greatly?  Even if the test reaction can be made to bypass the plate, the weight which it brings to bear will affect the results, and if a pullout cone actually does begin to form, that weight will increase.


Will you be able to work around this in your pull test, or am I not seeing it correctly?


Mike Hemstad


St. Paul, Minnesota