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Re: ASME Certification

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>I'm not certain about the requirements for ASME certification in regards
>to quality control (third party inspections?) and structural work,
If you're talking about ASME Code certifications it's done in the context 
of the quality control function of pressure vessel shops. I've seen some 
specification requirements for 'ASME Code certified welders' but it's 
meaningless--like one hand clapping. ASME Code welders are certified by 
an ASME certificate holder in accordance with the certificate holder's QA 
Manual. The welders are certified on the basis of being able to perform 
specific types of welds. The test previously qualified and documented by 
the certificate holder, typically for application to pressure vessels or 
piping fabricated by the certificate holder. 

There is no such thing as an ASME Code welder certification, in a general 
sense of being 'ASME qualified' to weld anything, any place, any time. 
The qualification is always associated with a particular fabricator and 
particular procedures. Someone who works in a piping shop may or may not 
be qualified with the consumables and procedures used for buildings, but 
generally speaking pressure vessel and piping weld quality requirements 
are more stringent than requirements for building structure. No such 
thing as a 'pre-qualified' joint, for example.

Welder qualification requirements are laid out in Section IX of the ASME 
Code and include rules for establishing qualified procedures and then 
qualifying welders to use the procedures. A weld procdure is defined 
around essential variables--base material matallurgy, weld metal, weld 
joint configuration, weld process variables, including position and 
welding equipment set-up. Once designed, a weld procedure is qualified on 
the basis of passing a battery of strength and toughnesss tests. Welders 
are qualified to the procedure if test plates can pass similar tests, and 
the qualification is renewed periodically. In particular cases welders 
may be qualified job by job. 

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