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RE: AISC Seismic Provisions with Supplements

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I like the way that ACI 318 highlights changes (with a
vertical line in the margin adjacent to the revised

On a related note I would also like to make another
suggestion to AISC in this public forum (to see if
others agree or disagree). I would like to see future
editions of the Manual of Steel Construction published
in a larger format.

It seems that with the increasing amount of
information being packed into the Manual of Steel
Construction they've had to use thinner paper and
smaller text in order to keep the book the same
dimensions as previous editions. Perhaps it's time to
make the book bigger - comprable in size to ACI 318,
IBC 2000, etc. Maybe it can be published in two
formats soft cover (less expensive) or seven-ring
binder (more expensive). I have the seven-ring binder
version of IBC 2000 and I love it. Tabs can sold

Making the Steel Manual bigger will allow the use of
regular thickness paper (more durable) and will allow
the use of larger fonts (an aid to aging baby boomers
like myself with failing eyesight.) I don't care what
AISC charges for this book (actually, I hope nobody
from AWS is reading this) - I earn my livelihood with
it and I use it every day. It must be durable and easy
to read.

Another advantage of a larger format publication is
that it allows more room for scribbling notes in the

Any other opinions?

Cliff Schwinger

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