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97UBC Seismic

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I would appreciate some input on a couple questions regarding a 1-story building in seismic zone 4.

OMF per 97UBC 2213.6 #2:  This sections requires design strength of the connection be 2.8 times design seismic forces.  Section 2213.4.2 does not appear to have the required conversion for this.  The AISC Seismic Provisions have the conversions but this document is not referred to in Ch 22 Division 3 or 5.  What am I missing?
Also, when are the FEMA-350 recommendations typically followed in addition to the applicable building code?

Knee braced frame per 97UBC:  How are knee braced frames classified?  They must be permitted as they are commonly used in pre-engineered buildings.   The only reference that may apply is Section 2213.8.1 which refers to 2213.7 for 'members which resist seismic totally or partially by shear or flexure'.  Are they any other references? (I doubt pre-engineered buildings are designed per SMRF)

Thanks in advance.