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Re: Interior Shear Wall

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Key phrase should act.  As you know in plywood shear walls the plywood spans 3 or more studs and all testing is based on that. Think of the 2x4 truss web (vertical at this point) how many nails will it have from both sides to each member . What is the loss in value and/or deflection due to all the nail interfaces along the whole wall.

As the EOR  with all contractors I demand  that full height studs are used.  Most contractors after they have complained and winned their way throught a job will start using after they see the cost benifits to them, they don't care about the structural benifits.

I have had to use the other method and more than half the time the contractor forgets about all the blocking panels between the trusses " we have not don e all the spaces between the trusses before" That XXX, XXX engineer has over design this and you don't need all this speal to the owner or general .

But smart contractors once they see the dollar savings to themselves they change.

Joe Venuti

Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs,  CA