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I think I live in the mold/mildew capital of the world.  If they ever tax it, you will mail your payments to a town in this area.

This is becoming a bigger issue each day, and it will eventually affect us as "engineers of the structure".  Speaking mostly from the point of view of residences, this is some of the items that may be of help. 

1.  I reccomend installing fan systems to occasionally evacuate a crawl space.  This is especially true of large houses and houses with limited crawl space height (2' or less).

2.  I rarely find the passive crawl space vent system to work very well.  One side is generally blocked by a concrete slab garage.  Contractors/Owners don't like the appearance of the vents on the front.  There really is not a true breeze thru the crawl space because of shrubs, hills etc.

3.  Drainage around the house permits too much water in to the crawl space.

4.  Mold tests that are taken ONCE an issue arises I am very skeptical of.  I know of one high profile house in this area that has had 3 separate mold tests.  The first one will make you think you will die if you walk within 10 feet of the house.  The 2nd one leads you to believe there are no problems.  The 3rd one is between the first two.  WHO do you  believe?   Being a new issue means, there are no rational guidelines for testing in place yet.  For that reason, we are somewhat left with a mold test companies opinion to rely on.   I am not going to include a mold testing company's opinion of how to conduct the test and evaluate the information as the gospel at this time.   Seems you can find a mold test company that "will see your point of view".

Ron Martin
Tuscaloosa, AL

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