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RE: Steel-Detail: Availability of ST2x3.85 and ST2.5x5

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>We have a client who is looking for a
>couple thousand feet of S2x3.85 and
>maybe a few hundred feet of S2.5x5.
>They are not in a big hurry for these
>He is telling us that he would have to
>buy S4's or S5's and cut them himself.
>Do any of you know of a supplier that
>would have these close to that area?
Buying W, S and M shapes to split into the corresponding tees is fairly common. Some fabricators have the splitting equipment. In small quantities like you are talking about, that may be the best approach.
If you want to buy tees, you can go to a processing facility like Arkansas Steel Processing or a service center may have tees. If you contact the metal service center institute, they may be able to steer you to an appropriate service center.
Hope this helps.