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Allowable horizontal deflection of column

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Sub: Allowable horizontal deflection of column.


Ref: Your question.

I too have thought about this.
The AISC specs are also silent on this.
I think this is a deliberate policy.

The Indian code is specific.

But perhaps, it is not appropriate to specify this
limit and it should be left to an engineer's judgement
and his discussions with his client.
Rightly so.

So many factors are involved.
The nature of the side covering(brick, glass, steel
cladding etc , the function of the building, the
effect of horizontal movement on the funtioning of the
building etc. influence what this limit should be.

In Industrial buildings, with overhead cranes, there
should be strict limits.(1/1000 of crane rail height
subject to a maximum of 15 mm?)
But for ordinary warehouses and pre engineered
buidings it could be more liberal.

I am afraid there may not be a satisfactory  answer to
this question.
Use your judgement and discuss with the client if he
is knowledgeable.
Or else simply follow height/325 as the limit which I
use and so far no one has asked me why.
But this limit is too strict for pre engineered

Let me know if you learn something on this subject.

G Vishwanath

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