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RE: Pre-Engineering Building and Plywood Shear Wall

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          This is not an unusual situation. The analysis might need to be iterative between the shear
          wall designer and the PEMB designer
          1) There  will a strut / collector transferring the loads from the roof of the PEMB to the shear wall.
              The design & detailing of this member and its connections require coordination.
              Usually this member is designed by the PEMB provider.         
          2) Since the distribution of the loads along the shearwall is usually not linear then the PEMB
              designer will need to know how the the collector described in Item 1 is affected.
          3) An other member (s) might be required to resist the out of plane loads of the walls.
              This could the same member as the collector described above (and therefore that member
              will need to be designed for some combination of bending and axial forces) or it could be
              a separate member.
          4) On potential pitfall of the lack of coordination could be in the vicinity of large openings where
              a third member acting as a lintel might be needed.  
          5) For one story building the analysis is fairly simple and with some good standard details from
              both sides it can be handled painlessly.
        Francois Rambau
        Star Building Systems
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Subject: Pre-Engineering Building and Plywood Shear Wall

Has anyone worked on a building where the frames are PEMB, and the side wall bracing is provided by a plywood shear wall system?  If no X bracing or portal frame is allowed to be used for side wall bracing, I don't think UBC / CBC denies a plywood shear wall system, correct?
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