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TS Moment Frames in Wood Construction

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I'm designing a two-story wood framed commercial (box-shaped) building that
has one wall with full height windows.  I am able to obtain 2:1 h/w ratios
on the shear walls by adjusting the shear wall segments as required.  My
questions are as follows:

1.  When are other designers using TS/HSS Moment Frames around these large
windows instead of shear panels?  Is it primarily to control the drift or
obtain lateral load resistance beyond the capacity of a wood structural-use
panel or ?

2.  If I keep my shear wall h/w ratio less than 2:1, and diaphragm l/w ratio
less than 4:1 am I required to perform deflection calculations for either
the horizontal or vertical diaphragm?

3.  I learned to distribute loads to shear walls in wood framed buildings
utilizing the tributary area method.  I'm referencing the SEOC Seismic
Design Manuals, and it appears that the lateral load is being distributed to
the shear walls based on a traditional rigid diaphragm analysis approach.
Is this required?  What methods are other engineers using?

4.  What techniques are designers utilizing in high seismic regions to
obtain quality building performance and minimize risk associated with poor
framing techniques?

Thanks in advance.  All comments are greatly appreciated.

Bill S. Marczewski

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