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Re: UBC 1997 - Non building structure - Section 1632.2 for A.bolt design

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Seismic design manual of buildings and bridges, by Alam Williams, has an
example on page 122 thru 124 that deals with equipment on slab on grade.
If you have the weight of the unit and the stiffness of its supporting
element, you can calcualte the period of the system based on  T= 2(Pi)
square root of (m/k)^.5.  if this yields a period greater than 0.06, then
equation 30-5 would govern.
Samir Y. Ghosn, PE
Harris & Associates
At 10:53 AM 12/24/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>      & 1632.2 (UBC 1997).   For equipments supported on concrete pedestals

>(T.C. at grade)   The critical force for the design of Anchor bolt
>be per  
>section 1630.2 / eqn. 32-2 / eqn. 34-1 (depends on flexible
>or rigid)  
>In this, for pedestals at grade, hx = 0 in the equation 32-2. 
> My question
>is,    What is the minimum height for pedestal T.O.C.(top of
>above grade,  
>  For example, if the pedestal TOC is about 2 or
>3 or 4' above grade,  
>(for small heights above grade)  
>critical force for the A.bolt can be very high.(than it is at grade).  
>  Any guidance in this is   
>appreciated.   Happy Holidays.  
>  Ravi Vasu, P.E.,    
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