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I have had this problem before.  I have always used a member to span
horizontally to perpendicular supports.  Sometimes this member will work as
multiple wood plates, and sometimes I have had to use steel angle or tube.
I have often thought about your idea of using metal straps to create a
moment connection, but I have never felt confident in its performance.

Wayne Beckingham, PE

From: "Dwain Hendershot" <dhendershot(--nospam--at)>
To: <seaint(--nospam--at)>
Subject: Moment connection in stud wall

In a stair tower framed with stud walls and floor trusses at the landings
the contractor wants to run a ladder truss in the stud wall all the way
around the perimeter (rather than just at the landings) for ease of
construction and coordination with adjacent structures.  The architect is
calling for steel stringers which will be supported at the landings and not
attached to the studs.  The problem I'm encountering is the ladder truss
will not be braced at the level of the landings creating a pin connection
for out-of-plane wind loads.  (contractor says this is done all the time and
it just works) My first thought was to run a Simpson "CS" strap on both
sides of the stud spanning over the ladder truss to create a moment
connection using tension in the strap and bearing on the wood.  This doesn't
seem like a very rigid connection even with the sheathing stiffing the
joint.  Seems like this would be a fairly common problem, any suggestions or


Dwain Hendershot
Indianapolis, IN

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