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RE: scheduling and project management

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I have looked into a couple programs.  Our company was using AM Workflow, then recently converted to Adept for document management.  The only benefit I see if you have many projects is you can set search criteria and quickly identify all projects in a particular county, or municipailty, or any criteria you set.  The worked for a very large company that just had a good numbering system and didn't use a document management program and I think it worked fine, otherwise, it becomes just to cumbersome.  You might want to see what MS Access offers and maybe do a search on the web for Document Management programs that target the engineering community.  I would take your time and compare your choices before deciding.  Good Luck.  As for scheduling, maybe your employees can take on that responsibility with the client.  ;>) 
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Subject: scheduling and project management

I am looking for some recommendations for scheduling/project management software.  We do structural work on small residential projects, so I don't need a fancy project manager, just something with a few tasks to each project, but I do need to schedule multiple projects (50 active) among my employees.  I need to be able to switch from project scheduling to employee workload / priorities simply.
Any suggestions?
Thank You,
Pat Clark, P.E.