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Time sheets

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Ref: Mel Slaysman's post on time sheet

My suggestion:
Drop the idea of using specialized software for this
simple application.

Just use Microsoft Excel.

It is one of the most underused software packages
today (in my humble opinion).

If you are not comfortable with it, get some one who
knows to help you out, and later learn to use it
yourself. If you were an experienced Excel user
already, you would probabably not have asked this
question. Or perhaps, I have underestimated your

I manage a detailing set up.
My job is mostly administrative.
I do all my mundane tasks like time sheets, project
tracking, man power planning, time schedules, billing,
project diary, progress reports, names and addresses,
quotes, data bank and much more without any
sophisticated software. Excel can do it all. You only
need to try it out. Have a separate sheet for each
application or have one mega sheet consisting of
several layers for all your needs. Suit yourself.

But for your simple time sheet application, I cannot
suggest anything simpler than Microsoft Excel (any old
version will do.)

G Vishwanath
Bangalore, India

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