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Re: Parallel Chord Wood Floor Trusses

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On high end custom homes I have the trusses designed at 24" spacing and have them install them at 16". I get complaints only from suppliers not contractors or owners. After I ask owners and contractors "how much do you want the ceiling and roof to deflect" they listen to what I have to say.  When I present as how much do you want and who is going to repair the cracks all parties listen more closely.

Thanks for those pictures you send me.  Being raised in southern California and observing construction practices over the years I find it hard to believe that someone would install trusses without blocking between trusses at the support.  If it was stick framed they would install blocks, why would there be a difference. The new magic truss makes the need for blocking go away.  I forgot to see that movie.

Have a great year Roger

Joe Venuti