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Re: Parallel chord wood floor trusses

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From: "Thor Matteson, SE" <matteson(--nospam--at)>

> 1.  Consider how often the trusses may actually experience the design
> I do not know what occupancy you are dealing with that calls for 100psf
> load;  my motel occupancy calls for 100psf  for "exit walkways."   100psf
> is people crammed very closely together.  I do not reallistically expect
> these motel exit walkways to EVER see 100psf LL.

This may be true, but then the same thing could be said for that 40psf LL in
the report that Chris referred to.

It would seem *highly* likely that those residential units *never* saw the
40psf LL that they were designed for -- and (practically) only saw DL** (and
very little else -- wind/lateral loads? Didn't see anything that indicated
this was/would be an issue).  Now, if those plates are 'peeling' with
nothing more than DL, what in the world would we see if they were stressed
all the way to the design conditions?

**Discounting the fact that furnishings, etc would involve some small
percentage of the LL allowance.

It doesn't instill a whole lot of confidence (from what I can see) in these
MPC trusses.  I agree with the author of the report that a *whole* lot of
testing (and disclosure) is needed.

-- john.

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