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floor trusses

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We were involved in a structural evaluation of some floor trusses in a two
story apartment. One of the problems was the connection plate had partially
withdrawn, the truss had deflected, then the plate had been pounded back in
by the contractor after the owner complained about the deflected ceiling.
The source of the problem, in our opinion, was a seperate issue of water
intrusion. There was water leaking in from a wall/patio intersection, and
the moisture had obviously gotten to the truss and to this connection. There
was also some speculation that the trusses had been left out in the wet
Florida environment for far too long prior to their installation. This is
one thing I think contractors need to be very aware of, as well as proper
handling and installation. These trusses are not designed for outdoor use,
but they often sit out on the site for days or weeks prior to installation.
The final conclusion was that a poor flashing detail had allowed water
intrusion which had causes a decrease in the withdrawal value of the teeth
of the plate, due to the high moisture content of the wood. The problem was
not likely a LL problem as there was a single guy living upstairs (well, he
could have lots of parties I guess....)

But in your case, or in general, I would be most concerned with deflection
of wood trusses and the materials attached to them. Is there tile on top?
Gyp ceiling on the bottom?

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