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masonry walls 2

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As a follow up or clarification to my question about overturning in CMU
walls, I have yet to find any mention specifically of overturning in masonry
piers or shear walls in the Florida Building Code. There is mention of
overturning or uplift in a structure or a portion of a structure, and that
the FS=1.5, which is why I am using the 2/3 DL reduction. I am unfortunately
not privvy to the direction of the UBC, however we have a copy of the 97 UBC
and I use it as a reference.

As a clarification, I was wondering if in overturning and subsequently in
the jamb analysis, do you use the full load over the entire wall when
computing the DL resisting moment? Also, when calculating axial compressive
stress in the jambs, can I just use the tributary area directly over that
jamb to calculate the DL? Then, when you have that, do you combine the worse
case T/C jamb stress from shear wall moments with direct flexural stress? I
know this is overconservative, but it takes care of the case where there is
"quarterly" wind loading, or wind loading at a 45 degree angle to the
building where there will be both lateral load and shear load on a wall.

Finally, in Florida they call us engineers "EI"s who passed the FE or the
exam formerly known as the EIT. Now this equally ambiguous or somewhat
demeaning term is "Engineer Intern". Now I have been doing this full time
for four years and will take the PE in October, I don't feel much like an
intern. I don't generally make copies and get coffee, unless it is my
coffee. But I did not like "Engineer in Training" too much either, because
this makes it sound like you get out of high school and become an apprentice
to an Engineer like a carpenter or something, and just learn it on the job
(and I have much respect for carpenters, just an analogy). Maybe engineers
need cool names like other professions, like in medicine- Resident Engineer,
I am doing my four year residency. I don't know why we can't just be
engineers then after we get our experience and pass the test, we are
Professional Engineers.... Well, this is the way I generally explain it to
non-engineers. Guess I won't care in about a year, if everything goes right.
Much like once you turn 21 you could care less that before that you were
"able to go to war but cannot buy a beer". I digress....

Thanks in advance for your masonry help.

Andrew Kester, Engineer Intern (doh!)
Longwood, FL

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