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Florida PE

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G Vishwanath,

In Arizona it is considered aiding and abetting a non-registrant to 
circumvent Arizona's registration laws and, therefore, is illegal.  (It is 
the same as buying liquor for an underage person, or hiding a bank robber.)  
If the non-registrant is competent to do engineering, then he/she should 
demonstrate it and get registered.

In Arizona, a registrant can seal only work done by the registrant or by a 
bona fide employee.

"Reviewing" someone else's work can range from, "Well, it looks right, so 
I'll seal it," to checking all the arithmetic and code compliance of the 
other person's work.  In most cases, the first case is closer to what the 
designer/owner wants to pay for as the latter case would require a fee equal 
to or greater than what the resident would have charged to do the work to 
begin with.  In most cases the designer (non-registrant) does not have the 
calculations to support what he/she designed.

Hope this answers your question.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

G Vishwanath wrote:

. > Ref: The Florida PE thread.

. > Pardon my ignorance.

. > I am not an American.

. > What is wrong if a Florida PE reviews and stamps
. > another's work?

. > Is it illegal or unprofessional?
. > If so why ?

. > Merely stamping another's work for money, without
. > being involved is clearly objectionable.

. > But if the scope includes reviewing the work, getting
. > one's comments incorporated, being satisfied that the
. > work is okay and then agreeing to take full
. > responsibility for it, what is wrong in stamping the
. > work?

. > Am I missing something obvious?

. > Regards and Happy New Year to all of you.

. > G Vishwanath
. > Bangalore, India

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