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Re: Florida PE

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>What is wrong if a Florida PE reviews and stamps
>another's work?
>Is it illegal or unprofessional?
>If so why ?
It's both. The law states that documents may not be stamped unless they 
were prepared by the engineer who applies his stamp or under that 
engineer's direct supervision. In practice documents are usually stamped 
by supervision. The law is intended to address plan stamping where a firm 
simply buys a stamp application for $50 or $100 from a whore who has a 
stamp. Said whore may or may not review the documents at all since the 
sole intent is to deceive an inspection agency that engineering 
supervision was exercised.

As you've stated, if the documents were to be carefully reviewed and 
deficiencies corrected there would be nothing actually wrong, but that 
isn't the way plan stamping works. Johns don't want meaningful dialog or 
engineering supervision when they rent someone--just a quick roll in 
return for a fifty in plain view on the lamp stand.

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