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Florida PE

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Thanks to Padmanabhan Rajendran, Roger Turk,
Christopher Wright, Gail S Kelley, and Stanley E
Scholl for responding and educating me on this

We don't have to go through these hassles in our

A doctor who is registered as a licensed medical
practitioner can practice anywhere in the country.

I worked as a structural engineer in several states in
India as an employee of a Govt owned consulting and
contracting organisation without having to prove my
competence in each state.

We suffer from much more bureacratic controls than you
but here is an exception.

Sorry to hear Stanley had to suffer standing in
several lines and taking all day to mail a package in

I wonder which post office this was.

I live in a much more livable city in South India.
(My North Indian friends are not going to like this!)

Visit Bangalore next time for a more pleasant and
memorable experience.The weather is salubrious, there
is less smoke and noise pollution than in Delhi, no
fears of bomb blasts or terrorist attacks,  no
security hassles,no blocking of main roads and traffic
jams due to VIP movements,  no politics, less
expensive to live in and it won't take all day to mail
a package at any post office here. 

Besides, (this should interest structural engineers),
wind and earthquake loads are the mininum at Bangalore
when compared to any other place in India.

It is located right in the heart of South India, and
every major tourist spot in South India is within an
overnight journey from this city. 
And finally English is spoken or at least well
understood here.

G Vishwanath
(A proud Bangalorean)

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