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RE: PE-Bureacracy

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Title: RE: PE-Bureacracy

While we are on this subject, I do have a question regarding reciprocity amongst the states and I understand laws are subject to change ect.....

I am planning on taking the P.E. Civil Engineers Exam emphasizing in structures.  I plan on doing most of my work in structural engineering, but wish to take the PE Civil/Structural Exam because I thought I heard that if you wish to practice in California, the sequence of exams are PE Civil, Structural I, then Structural II.  Also, it wouldn't hurt to learn about soil properties because of soil/structure interaction.

Does taking thew civil structural exam provide better practicing opportunities among other states should the desire arise?  I know a PE structural who had been interested in moving out to California but since he didn't take the PE Civil exam, it precluded him from practiceing in that state.

Thanks in advance for your resonses.

Tom Bodkin, E.I.T.

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"So, at this point with licenses I have obatined and resulting tests that I have taken and passed, I am to the point that I can essentially get a license by true reciprosity in every state except California."

Don't forget our colleagues in Alaska.  They require a cold weather engineering course and exam.  It looks fairly interesting, but the cost is high, and it is only given 1 or 2 places outside of Alaska. 

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

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