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Re: NDS- Nails

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Good point Scott. I should have included the text from the Commentary as

"In lieu of specific code requirements for end and edge distance for nails,
Table C12.4-1 may be used to establish nailing patterns..."




From: Scott Maxwell <smaxwell(--nospam--at)>
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Subject: Re: NDS- Nails
Not to be picky (OK, so I am, but blame that on working in the employ of a
code producing group at one time), but would that be "recommendations"
rather than "requirements" since it is in the commentary? If it is truely
a commentary (i.e. not a mandatory document), then it could not be code
enforcable requirements. For example, everything in the ACI 318
commentary is all nice and potentially useful/helpful, but it has no code
efforcable value at all. In otherwords, the ACI 318 commentary saying
that you can or can not do something means nothing in the eyes of the
code requirements.
Ypsilanti, MI
On Fri, 3 Jan 2003, AWC Info wrote:
> The Commentary to the 1997 National Design Specification=AE (NDS=AE) for =
> Construction outlines spacing, end, and edge distance requirements for wo=
> screws and nails in Chapters 11 (Table C11.4-1) and 12 (Table C12.4-1),
> respectively.
> For the particular application outlined below, Table C12.4-1 would show t=
> following assuming no "preboring":
> 2.5d=09Edge distance
> 15d=09End distance - tension
> 10d=09End distance - compression
> 15d=09Spacing between fasteners in a row - parallel to grain
> 10d=09Spacing between fasteners in a row - perpendicular to grain
> 5d=09Spacing between rows of fasteners - in line
> 2.5d=09Spacing between rows of fasteners - staggered
> Buddy Showalter, P.E.

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