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RE: Florida PE-Bureaucracy

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I did not look at it as a shot at Texas (cheap or otherwise) but an
expression of frustration with beaucracy, which his primary example being
Texas.  And I understand his frustration.  To me, it borders on stupidity
to have to continually re-verify experience for getting a PE license by
reciprosity...and this is not limited to Texas as ALL states do the same
thing.  Now, I can understand to a degree that each board might be worried
that the other state's board may have missed something or some such and
that they all have an obligation to make sure it is right, but when you
reach the point that you are have someone with licenses it two or more
states have to re-verify their work experience, then it is starting to go
beyond what I consider reasonable.  If for example, 5 states have
supposedly verify a person's experience and found it adequate, why does
the sixth state need to do so as well other than for unreasonable
beaucratic reasons.

If nothing else, think of all the state employee's time that is being
wasted going over such information that has been reviewed multiple times
before, and thus all the money that is being wasted.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Mon, 6 Jan 2003, Caldwell, Stan wrote:

> Padmanabhan Rajendran wrote:
> You are assuming that I was grandfathered to a PE
> licence. Far from it. I took the 8hr exam in 1989
> (came to the USA in 1988) and passed in the first
> attempt scoring 93%. When I applied for registration
> with KS, I was asked to sit for the FE exam too!! I
> did that in 1995, 25 years after my BS degree, and
> passed with a 90% score. I had to produce the
> transcripts etc, which I did with strenuous effort.
> All these documents are available with the OK Board.
> However, the documents which OK Board have, are not
> acceptable to the Texas Board. In my opinion, that
> attitude is far worse than the beauracracy you seem to
> have experienced in India.
> Rajendran
> Dear Rajendran:
> Why does every year commence with someone north of the Red River taking a
> cheap shot at Texas?  Envy, perhaps?  The Texas PE Board diligently verifies
> the education and experience qualifications of all candidates for licensure,
> and the burden of proof always rests with the candidate.  They require
> original documents because they have been burned more than once in the past
> by scam artists.  They don't discriminate against anyone, not even Okies.
> It has always been that way.  The rules are clearly stated.  Patiently
> follow them, and be happy!
> Regards,
> Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
> Dallas, Texas

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