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nails and India..

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Thanks for your excellent response to my nail spacing and edge distance
question. I have all of the NDS manuals and books, but have never found that
table. I wonder why where they have the load tables they do not include that
information, as they do for lag screws and bolts. The statement I quoted
about avoiding splitting is misleading in that it seems that is all you have
to go by. Perhaps a statement to refer to that table would be great. It
seems you work for them, maybe you can look into that? :)  But thanks for
your responses on wood posts, they always seem to be right on and I like
getting info straight from "the source".

Now I have a bit of a thought India, I hope noone minds as this is not
structural engineering. Since becoming married to a foreigner and getting a
job where I can afford to travel abroad, I have become more interested,
aware, and curious of all foreign cultures. With that, it seems we have lots
of good posts on this site from Indian engineers both here and in India,
moreso then many other countries, especially in that region. Now I will take
that another step and assume they are good engineers, competent in their
field. It seems like then there is a lot of pretty good engineering being
done and taught in India, especially with limited resources and maybe some
questionable government and building code practices (I don't know). So what
is it about the country or culture that seems to produce so much with a
relatively little amount of resources? Is it due to the shear number of
people, over one billion? Is it some relic of the British education system?
Or is it due to the many British schools producing English speaking/
bilingual engineers who can readily work here? Maybe it is just due to hard
work and dedication by the Indian people, as my sister's boyfriend is tops
in his dental school and his mother (a doctor) moved here from India, and I
know he busts his butt. I have read and seen on TV that a reason for the
large amount of Indian doctors and computer programmers (in Silicon Valley)
here as well, is that they teach English in many schools so they are already
bilingual and good at languages, so computer science and programming come
naturally. I read somewhere also that science and math degrees and jobs
present less barriers to foreigners due to their basis on fundamental laws
of physics, math, and general science, which is the same no matter your
native tongue (I see that at home). If I had to move to Spain with my wife ,
not being fluent in Spainish yet, I would likely find a job easier due to
the similarities of structural engineering there and here, versus if I was
an accountant or something like that (I may not even be able to work in that
profession at all).

I actually am trying to make a point and it is this. Being very thankful for
my education at FSU/FAMU COE from a mostly foreign faculty- Africa, Middle
East, Eastern Europe, even Thailand, and seeing plenty of good engineers and
scientists here from foreign countries, and even working with them, is that
all Americans should be happy and proud that we have such a desireable
country that we can attract the world's best, which helps make this country
great (I am sure the UK benefits greatly from Indian scientists, and
Australia from SE Asia). The flip side is that those countries could say we
are robbing them not just of natural resources but of their intellectual
resources. For that I have no answer.

I would like here from our Indian SEs, and also good places to travel as
India is on my "to go" list.

Have a great day!


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