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Re: Florida PE-Bureaucracy

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We're sort of getting off the subject of license problem bureaucracy. I think that we've all had experiences that were frustrating at the time and now are good party stories. My wife tried to get a driver's license in Jhelum, Pakistan years ago and we were told that the fellow who issues the licenses sits right over there. The problem, the fellow right over there, was on a month's vacation.

But I can remember being in one of the communities on the San Francisco Peninsula with a building official person who had fifteen days to retire, let us know and actually turned his back on us. Now that is frustrating.

I know of another where the building department people weren't talking to their in-house geotechnical person. When I asked for him they said that he was over there, but wouldn't budge to go over to get him. Finally yelled at him over there. Turned out to be a nice guy, but there was some sort of problem going on.

Bureaucracy: My oldest son, a number of years ago worked for the California State Motor Vehicles division. They threathened to fire him because he was putting out about three times as much work as anyone else. This is the state where their civil service professional engineers are unionized and don't want any private engineers taking away any of their work.

Your problems in India are multiplied all over the world, even the U.S. and even California. Yours (and mine) problem is that we're going at such a fast pace that we are never slowing down to smell the roses. Someone always has set almost impossible deadlines and budget constraints that everything has got to be done yesterday and when we run into a wall - wow!

Sorry to dump on you guys tonight, most of us are tired, we're looking at a possible war and little frustrations at the post office somewhere is kind of a small problem to be harping on.

Neil Moore,  S.E.

At 07:30 PM 1/6/03 -0800, you wrote:
" And I say again that one from India is the last who should complain about bureaucracy. Besides the all day trip to mail a package in Delhi, I have had lots of other experiences there and they were all way more bureaucratic than anywhere in this country.

Stan Scholl, P.E.
Laguna Beach, CA"

You guys should have been there a few weeks ago when I performed "Post Office Rage" with a woman who was shouting at her cell phone in a our very small country post office. She couldn't believe that I didn't care for her very loud one-sided business call and told her so! Post office service there is very good.

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