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India (without nails)

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Ref: Andrew D Kester's post on Nails and India


Being an Indian engineer, and living in India, I read
with interest your references to our country and our

It was gratifying to note that there is so much
curiosity and interest about India among some
Americans and that our Indian engineers in USA do so

After a 26 year career, working as structural engineer
for a Government owned consultancy and contracting
organisation, and working all my career on designs for
Indian Projects, I recently shifted gears and for the
past two years have been working for a private
software development and  management consultancy firm
which recently opened a steel design and detailing
division to cater to US Fabricators exclusively. I am
heading and managing this division.

If the subject of India and Indian engineers
contributing to the US construction industry interests
you, I invite you to read a recent article written by
me on the subject of Overseas Steel Detailing.

Go to

In the section on ARTICLES, you will find a three-part
article authored by me which I hope will interest you
and any one else wanting to know more about the recent
phenomenon of US fabricators outsourcing this work to
Asian countries.

Various folders exist for discussing subjects related
to steel detailing and  a special folder has been
earmarked for discussions among forum members, with
regard to this article. You will find additional
information in the exchanges in this folder, which I
trust you will find entertaining and useful.

In case you need any specific information about India,
or Indian Engineering practice, our history, culture,
politics or just about anything with regard to our
country,  do mail me privately and I shall be glad to
answer to the best of my ability. I am in touch with a
large number of Americans who correspond with me on
matters totally unrelated to Structural Engineering or
Steel detailing and I am now in a position to maintain
a list of FAQs. I have answered them patiently in long
mails on the subjects and will make them available to
you too if requested.

If your intended trip to India materializes, please be
assured a warm handshake from me awaits you if
Bangalore City in South India is part of your

With best wishes

G Vishwanath
General Manager
FI Sofex Ltd
Bangalore, India
<gvshwnth(--nospam--at)>, <gvnath(--nospam--at)>

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