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Re: Florida PE-Bureaucracy

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The notifications following the PE test(1989) and FE test(1995) in Oklahoma included the passing scores as well.

Regarding the national database, NCEES: Texas Board told me (in 1997) that even if my education records were available with the NCEES, it will not be accepted and that I have to go through the "straight jacket" procedure adopted by the Texas PE Board!


 Paul Feather <pfeather(--nospam--at)> wrote:

I am coming into this a little late, but one thing I have not heard mentioned is the NCEES record program.  By establishing a national verification record with NCEES the problem of obtaining registration in additional states is greatly simplified, in most cases a single page application form and submittal of the NCEES record.  Some states still have additional requirements (Nevada for example will require additional references), but that's life.
One thing people seem to forget in the discussion of bureaucracy is the US is still a collection of sovereign states.  Each state is responsible for the enforcement of their laws and regulations and it is not inappropriate for each state to require independent verification of compliance with their own particular rules. None of us object when a local jurisdiction enacts stricter requirements than the "national" code due to specific knowledge of local conditions. 
The Alaska cold weather exam requirement is entirely realistic, as an example, of the divergent requirements at the state level.  Speaking from my personal experience as a Southern California Engineer, I was astonished by the load and design requirements the first time I did a cold weather project.  We typically do not think in terms of snow load in my area and it was an educational experience.
Another item of difference yet to be pointed out is that the continuing education requirements vary from state to state. 
As a side note, someone earlier stated "I was in the xxth percentile on the FE, and the xxth percentile on the PE" as part of their justification / statement of qualifications for removal of the bureaucratic barriers to additional licensure.  I was under the impression this information is not available, at least in California the only way you will know your score on the exams is if you don't pass.  Is this different in other states?
Paul Feather PE, SE
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"It sounds to me that you are expecting other states to look up your records and forward them to the state you are applying to. It is not reasonable to expect others to do your work.
I consider reasonable levels of verification and sending of paperwork to be their job.  I recently applied for a license by reciprocity, and had two different states send PE, SE, and EIT verification paperwork to a third state.  That was their job, and thankfully, they were happy to do it.  Given that each state I am licensed in will collect $40 - $100 a year from me for as long as I have a that license, I don't consider the occassional verification request to be too extreme.  As with most states, I had to take care of the educational materials and professional recommendations myself, but I can't imagine it would have been more than a few more minutes of photocopying and an extra 20 cents of postage for one of the verifying states to have done it. 
Paul Crocker, PE, SE

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