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RE: Florida PE-Bureaucracy

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>However, I think that the real reason it will never happen is
>the 10th amendment.  No matter how I try, I cannot convince myself
>that regulation of buildings falls under federal jurisdiction.  I
>think it is one of those powers that is reserved to the states.
You might want to start thinking about this in practical terms rather 
than as constitutional law. Engineering is a highly mobile profession. 
People go to school in one state and practice in many others. Most of us 
have multiple licences for just this purpose. A national building code 
administered (perhaps with special additional provisions where special 
conditions exist) by the states makes good sense. Likewise a national 
engineering accreditation standard, also administered by the states (and 
likewise with special additional provisions as needed) makes the same 
kind of sense. National accreditation standards apply to engineering 
education, it makes sense to take the same approach with licensing.

The boiler and piping codes were developed to address this same kind of 
mobility back around World War I, to make sure pressure equipment made 
one place would be usable in another. It's the same model, national 
standards, local administration.

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