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Re: ASCE7-98 Online Wind Speed Map

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Yes those contours are pretty close at the coast.  I'm in Savannah GA.  My county and several others nearby are crossed by two or more contours.  It makes it kind of hard to know which speed to use unless you can get hold of a county map.

I did some more searches on the internet last night and it seems like Florida has converted the wind speed contours into some GIS file format map that can be downloaded from and opened in ArcView.  Catch is it only covers Florida.

 Rick Burch <rburch(--nospam--at)> wrote:

I wondered the same thing since the contours are pretty closely spaced
on the east coast hurricane coastline. I asked Dr. S.K. Ghosh that
question in an IBC wind seminar and he explained that the federal
government had coughed up a lot of money to develop the seismic maps,
but no such funding had been allocated to create wind velocity maps. He
also pointed out that most of the country is 90 mph now, and so the
demand for such maps is limited. Bottom line - no such online or CD maps
exist as far as I know.

Rick Burch
Columbia, SC

Tripp Howard wrote:
> Does anyone know of a website that that allows you to input a latitude
> and longitude and have it interpolate the ASCE7-98 wind speed map to
> give you the design wind speed for that location? I know there is a
> website that lets you do this for seismic parameters, but haven't seen
> one for wind speed yet.
> Thanks for your help.
> Tripp Howard

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Tripp Howard

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