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Some time ago, there was a short thread on this list concerning the quality of the product or lack thereof, produced by many of the structural engineers out there. Myself and my peers who detail steel for a living have for many years bemoaned the situation where we are given substandard drawings to work from. The majority of complaining has been amongst ourselves which does no good at all.

Below is reprinted a letter to our detailers list, a letter that is not the exception but the rule these days.
I would not expect this engineer or any other who practices this way to respond to my comments and I also know that the majority of engineers stand behind their work but for those that must cut corners because "there is no money", please find another vocation.

Dave Lowen

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Hello list,
There is a note on the Structural Drawings that I want to make sure I 
am taking right. Here is the note: "The information on this file is 
provided for use as a template for a design by others.  It is not to 
be considered as a certified or construction drawing and no 
responsibility for correctness or completeness is assumed by the 
Does it appear to anyone else that the Engineer is laying everything 
on the fabricator's back?
This engineer shows a W18X35 moment welded at one end to the face of 
a TS6X6 column and dangeling 28'-6. 5'-2 away from column is a W14X22 
that is spanning 20'-0 framing into this W18. The W18 is supporting 
the weight of this W14. 20'-10 from this W14 is a W18X46 which seems 
to be the only support for this long W18X35, but this W18X46 is also 
dangeling off a moment weld to the face of a TS6.
The fabricator told me to Cantelever the beam over the TS6 col rather 
than moment weld to the face so it will support the long W18X35, and 
put a note telling the Engineer to verify all welds and connections 
shown on this drawing.
Does anyone besides me think I need to get another Engineer involved. 
I personally think we need to have an Engineer verify our drawings 
and maybe even contact the original Engineer about his responsibility.
Drawings have been sent out for app'l but I am looking for some 
advice here.


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