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Brace Connection Moment from Eccentricity

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I've been fighting through a lot of brace connections in the last couple of 
weeks.  In the AISC Connections manual for the "Uniform Force Method" The 
author explains a "special case 1" in which the work point of the brace point 
is not at the center line of the column and beam but at the corner of the 
gusset.  This induces a moment to the column and the beam.

My questions are these.  In the explanation for the special case (page 7-109) 
the moment to the column is listed as Mc=2*V*ec.  Example 22 and on page 7-110 
the moment is listed as V*ec/2.  The first equation in the paragraph on page 7-
109 appears to be a typo.  Right?

My next question is this.  For the column moment to be V*ec/2 the brace 
location must be at the mid-height of a column.  Right/wrong?  And if the 
brace is at the top of a column the column moment would be Vc*ec.  
Right/wrong?  I seem to be questioning my own mechanics today, and I believe 
the text is kind of over-generalizing, unless I just need to go home.

Joseph R. Grill, PE

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