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Re: steel fabricator

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Unfortunately this is not an unusual request.  The first thing, as an aside, is that I would clean up your specification a little as their are several levels of AISC certification.  Depending on the project, we normally require AISC certification to "Complex Building Structures".  That said you need to satisfy two people: the building official and yourself.  If you are in UBC country then Section 1701.7 requires that the shop be approved by the building official.  Most building departments will accept AISC certification as meeting this requirement.  Others may accept Los Angeles City approval.  The other option that is generally acceptable is to have a qualified, approved, full time special inspector in the shop.  On a project a couple of years ago I was able to get a shop approved by the Chief Building Official by having the shop submit their QA manuals, all their welding procedures, welder qualifications, equipment list with calibration records, recent NDE records, and then the clincher was an independent shop inspection by a local inspection firm and then we actually did a structural observation.  This last method was a royal pain in the butt and took forever.  If this shop is a real unknown you may also want to increase the testing for say MT or PT on 5 percent of all fillet welds (at their expense of course).  And the final question; are YOU satisfied with this company fabricating the steel you so patently designed.  If the shop is not too far away I would suggest making a shop visit and ask a lot of questions.  You could also ask for a list of recent projects completed and call their clients to see how they performed from both a quality standpoint and a schedule stand point.

I will also shamelessly plug that anyone involved in structural steel design, fabrication, or inspection attend Bob Shaw's seminar.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting

"Andrew D. Kester" <andrew(--nospam--at)>

01/09/2003 06:26 AM
Please respond to seaint

        To:        <seaint(--nospam--at)>
        Subject:        steel fabricator

What do you think of the following request from a GC for a project we are
involved on, a design-build?

"Can you delete from the specifications the requirement for the fabricator
to be AISC certified as per XXXX of the specs. Our fabricator will provide
mill certificates and welder's certificates and meet any testing agency
requirements as needed."