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RE:Steel Fabricator

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I have read a number of documents on AISC's web site regards their
certification program and I was impressed.  Among other things these
documents explained what they look for and some of the common problems. 
Some of these problems were so basic that I would not want any firm who
failed this certification to work on one of my projects.

If you relax your specs to allow a non-certified fabricator to do the work,
do you have any objective way to evaluate his qualifications?  Remember the
firms that failed the AISC certification believed that they did good work
or they would not have tried to be certified.  You could go out and hire
welding and fabrication experts to evaluate the ability of this fabricator
to perform good work, but is the fabricator willing to pay for the
additional effort.  Thus when you consider the cost of evaluating the
fabricator you will usually find that it is cheaper to require  AISC

While  mill certs and welder certifications are necessary they are only one
part of the process, and if you stop there you may feel good but you have
done essentially nothing. I believe that AISC's certification program can
be a key element in the effort to produce a quality project.

I disagree with the practice of relaxing the project special inspection
when the shop it AISC certified.  We still need some project monitoring. 
Certification states that as of a given date the firm was capable of doing
competant work.  Project special inspection provides us with some assurance
that the final project will meet our expectations.

Mark Gilligan

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