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Shotcrete / Concrete Questions

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Got some shotcrete question,

(1) The project I am working on has some rusted reinforcing steel. The condition is posted on the web site .I find a product called "Perma Rust Remover" that can be used to remove rust from reinforcing bars. Q: Has anybody use it? Should I bother with it if the reinforcement will be encased in 7" of shotcrete any way?

(2)  ACI 506.2-95  page 4 Section 1.4.1 ACI Standard
"ACI 301-89 Specifications for Structural Concrete for Buildings, paragraph 5.7.1 and Chapter 9." I looked into the section. There isn't this paragraph 5.7.1 in the latest ACI 301.
Q:  What was it about? Do you have an older version of this code?

(3) The reinforcements are the most congestive at the outer corners of the walls with vertical re-bars on both sides. I am planning to use 7" thick shortcrete; #6 bars at 4" o.c.; 1/2" max size aggregate; slump 3" max; v. bars almost the middle of it. On pre-qualifying the nozzleman, concrete mix, & core grade, I am planning to build a corner with plywood (w/ corner reinforcement) to simulate the real condition. Q: A plywood simulated corner good enough or should I just do it on a real corner and have it removed (disadvantage, no mock-up for comparison as suggested by Mr. Merl Issak in his Jan SEAONC's news letter.)


Sam, SE

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