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Stucco Detail

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Be aware that neither stucco nor cmu are weather resistive materials.  I have 
seen water from a low velocity garden hose and from lawn sprinklers come thru 
cmu walls.  While it is permitted to apply stucco directly to cmu, you should 
give careful thought to that option.

You may also want to consider flashing the sloping surface in order to take 
care of porosity of the stucco and masonry.

If you are looking at 2 layers of grade D kraft paper, be aware that each 
layer provides protection against water transmission for only 6 minutes.

Most stucco these days is proprietary, sometimes less than 1/4" thick, not 
the 3/4" to 1" three course, "real" stucco.  With the very thin proprietary 
stucco, you have to be careful where lath overlaps as this is where shrinkage 
cracking, both horizontal and vertical, will occur.  Curing by misting is 


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Rich Lewis wrote:

. > I am designing a masonry pier, about 6 ft. sq., that has a sloping top. 
. > The masonry will step back on a slope of about 1:1 and the surface will
. > be stucco.  I expect the stucco to be 3/4" - 1" thick.  Is there a need
. > to put expanded metal lathe in the stucco with a concrete block backup?

. > Rich

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