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R for a steel structure w/ equipments

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I am sending this question again.  Can somebody look into this & give

Please refer to the " seismic guidelines for design of petrochemical
faclities" by ASCE committee, section for non building 
structure & section 4.2.4 for subsystem. 
1. The question is what is the value of R for (a combined system) a steel
structure with platform &  supporting a small vessel & exchanger in 
a two or three storied structure (30 to 40' height).  
If it is a BUILDING (or building like) STRUCTURE, we use R from table 16-N
of UBC 1997.   Right?

2.  If the equipment wt. (one or more added toghether?)is more than 0.25(wt.
of the structure), do we need to (always) consider lower 
R of the equipment and the structure ?  (appendix A, case 3 & 4)
irrespective of the height or area ?
I have seen big coolers/cooling towers supported on steel structure(cooler
covers most area of the structure).  I think only equipments like this 
(& tall vertical vessel) fall under this category.)

3. It looks like, most of the structures supporting a vessel/exchanger fall
in 'subsystems' (section 4.2.4). What is R for this?

Ravi Vasu, P.E., 

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