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Re: Concrete Building Design

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I don't have this book but remember that a friend really liked it,
especially when preparing for the SE exam in Illinois.  Since I don't have
it, I am not completely sure I have found the correct title.  I do know
the edition that she had was a read hard cover book and was aimed at
designing concrete buildings for lateral loads.  I am pretty sure that the
book was "Design of Concrete Building for Earthquake and Wind Forces".
The edition that she had was done according the 1994 UBC, but there is a
newer edition that does it according to the 1997 UBC.  The book is
published by PCA.

Also, if you want a publication that gives good examples of the ACI 318
provisions, then take a loot at PCA's "Notes on ACI 318-xx Building Code
Requirements for Structural Concerte with Design Applications".  Note I
put the "xx" in there rather than a specific year since PCA does a new
edition of this book for each cycle of the ACI 318 code.  PCA does have
one available for the the 1999 and 2002 edition.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Tom Bodkin wrote:

> Can someone cite a good reference for the design of concrete building
> structures that meet the International Building Code or the UBC, and take
> you through a step by step structural design process?  I have the
> International series that ACI published based on IBC 2000 and it is good but
> it is limited to five story buildings.
> Thanks in advance.
> Thomas W. Bodkin, E.I.T.
> Carroll Engineering Corporation
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