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Re: braced barrel vault

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Classical barrel vault structures of unreinforced masonry function on the
principle of the arch, which  is dependant on the stability of  the
supporting piers to resist the arch thrust and maintain compression in all
sections of the structure -- in fact an unreinforced masonry of barrel arch
is like a like very deep arch, dependent on the stability of thick walls to
resist the thrust of the vault.

Modern barrel arches can be constructed of reinforced concrete, which can be
designed as shell structures that maintain their stability  by developing
internal tension, compression and shear stresses, and can span relatively
long distances without walls.

I'm not familiar with the significance of the "braced" term, related to
barrel arches, unless it is the bracing for stability provided by the walls
of classical barrel vaults.

"An Introduction To Modern Shell Structures" by Michele Melaragno has a
bibliography that my be useful to you.

Last year Himat Solanki posted some references on this list server that I
have not looked at, but that may be useful to you:
o "Coefficients for Design of Cylindrical Shell Roofs", a PCA publication;
o ASCE Manual No. 31, "Design of Shell Roofs";
o "Thin Shell Structures" by W.C. Schnobrich, a chapter in "Handbook of
Concrete Engineering" Edited by Mark Fintel, published 1974 by Van Nostrand
Reinhold Co.;
o "Thin Shell Concrete Structures", 2nd edition, by David P. Billington,
published by McGraw-Hill.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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