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RE: steel PL over RC slab

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You will also likely need to make a lot of assumptions, since the deflected
shape of a multi-span continuous concrete slab and a one or two span steel
plate are not the same, meaning complete deflection matching is not possible
without allowing for some hinging.  Also, the stiffness of the concrete
section is difficult to model accurately, since it may be partly cracked,
uncracked, or some mix of the two along its length.  A (nearly) exact answer
is extremely difficult, so may come down to what simplifications you can
live with.  At around 450pcf, it is also worth considering the loads imposed
on the supporting beams by the steel plate.  

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

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The key requirement is that the steel plate and concrete slab must have the
same maximum deflection. Set up simultaneous equations for deflections and
vertical loads and solve for the load in each beam. Since the slab is likely
much thicker, it will likely carry most of the load - a rather stiff steel
element is necessary to reduce the load in the slab. 

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